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Bizzy Bees Day Nursery is about providing a relaxed & homely atmosphere
Our aim is to fulfil each child’s potential, developing self-confidence so they are happy with themselves and with each other. Giving them care, love and a world of new experiences and plenty of fun.


Our aim is to meet parents needs and thus we open from 7.30-6.00.  We offer morning session
(7.30-1.00,8-2 and/or 8.30-2.30), mid day session (7.30-3.30 or 8-4) and afternoon session (1.00-6.00). 

We also offer the 15 hours free child care for children aged 2-3.  A babysitting service is availiable till 7.00pm and at the weekend

Creche hours are available for parents that are struggling during school holidays, would like to do stress free shopping or need a couple of hours for themselves.

The nursery has a playground with plenty of toys. As we are a great believer in fresh air we offer outings, visits to the farm, library, the park or just a picnic in our playground.


Working With Children


For children at Bizzy Bees is all about fun learning. Every activity is carefully designed for your child so whatever they enjoying doing they are free play, everything is designed to give your child the best head start.


Beside all the nursery activities, your child also will enjoy our Dance, French and Sport and at the end of the day your child will enjoy our relaxation programme of calm music.


Preparing Your Child For School

At  Bizzy Bees Nursery we do all we can to prepare your child for school. Action plans and activities are in place to encourage your child to become independent such as washing hands, using the toilet and taking turns at various responsibilities such as toy monitor, water monitor, helping setting up tables etc..

Parents receive a child profile at our Parent Consultation Evenings. Your child’s new school will be given the Transition Information Form which is transferred from group to group. This form includes all the information on your child's experiences and development at nursery.

Our babies enjoy warm relationships with their key workers.  They enjoy stimulating and fun activities with an individual routine based on each child’s needs and abilities.


Working with you


Our staff is always approachable and responsive. They will always take time to tell you what your child did during the day. We encourage your involvement at all times and thus hold parents consultation evenings where you can meet your child’s key worker and be able to discuss his/her progress. We also provide you with your child’s written profile, a profile of your child progress and development.

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